Welcome to the Ezora Sample Site

Ezora is a responsive Jekyll theme with a clean single column layout, nifty text overlays for images and a mobile friendly navigation bar.

Welcome to the Ezora Sample Site

About Ezora

I designed this theme from the ground up for my own website and had some inspiration from the Flex Jekyll Theme (fonts!) and Lise Savard's Blog.

Ezora uses a fairly minimal set of layouts and sass, and will automatically conform to a sensible layout based on the YAML provided, unless a layout is specified. Width/height values are all defined in the top of main.scss as variables, so you don't have to hunt too far through the SCSS to tweak things.

The default layout handles the home page and any other pages while the post layout extends the default slightly to include a date-stamp at the top of the page.

Notable _includes are the shiny and responsive topbar, included in the default layout, and the postlist, which is a paginated pile of posts you can include in any page, like the default home page does. You can specify your navigation menu links in topbar.

Most Recent Posts

A Cheese Filled Post

01 Apr 2016

Thumnails can be generated from the cover image if one isn’t provided in the post YAML, but it isn’t necessary going to be optimal looking.

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A Spicy Bacon Ipsum

01 Mar 2016

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Coding and Hipster Ipsum

01 Feb 2016

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